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Now you can combine the best hearing experience with the knowledge that you’re doing something that will benefit the next generation.

Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the eCharger – the sustainable power solution for the rechargeable Pure and Motion hearing aids.

As well as saving yourself the hassle of fiddling with battery changes you’ll also be doing something for our environment, as you’ll be significantly reducing the amount of waste batteries.

We offer the most comprehensive range of hearing aids on the market, so you’re sure to find a solution that suits both your hearing loss and individual taste.

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Ease of use

Improve your hearing without having to bother with all those tiny batteries. Simply place your Pure™ or Motion™ hearing aids in the eCharger overnight, and within six hours they will be powered up, ready for your busy day ahead. In addition, the eCharger’s Electronic Drying Function protects your hearing aids from moisture damage ensuring long term reliability.


Your rechargeable hearing aids reduce battery waste by using roughly 1 pair of batteries per year instead of nearly 52 batteries or more.


Our eCharger dries and refreshes your instruments overnight for maximum performance every day. This protects hearing aids from moisture damage ensuring long term reliability.


After six hours of charging, the eCharger’s indicator light tells you your hearing aids are ready to go for your busy day, meaning no more unwelcome and embarrassing surprises of batteries running out.

How to use eCharger

How to use eCharger

Charge and dry your hearing aids with Siemens eCharger.
Relevant for all rechargeable hearing aids.

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